2013-2014 NFL playoff predictions

2013-2014 NFL playoff predictions

My season, playoff, and superbowl predictions.



gmen1938 says:


Nile Hornet says:

No Let’s go seahawks

leron shelton says:

wtf bout the packers making the super bowl vs broncos? THE PACKERS HAD A GREAT OFFSEASON SUCK A FAT ONE. Packers would never get beat by someone that cheated on a fail mary. Packers vs seahawks playoff will exists but seahawks ain’t winnin for shit.

Antony Tolstunov says:

I like ur picks, but never ever will the Seahawks beat the niners in the championship game, and the texans will not beat the ravens. BOOK IT: the 49ers win the superbowl for their sixth championship in 2014

umopepisdn1 says:

aint no way in hell the Texans beat the ravens.

Trainking922 says:

TERRIBLE RB!?!?! Tell that to the constant 1000+ yrd seasons. 

Trainking922 says:

tisk tisk… you queers will never learn.

Alex toughguy says:

I think it will be patriots vs. packers but good picks!

Alex toughguy says:

NIners beating vikings HAHAHAHA Vikings blew them out last time.

Sternenstaub32 says:

f  u

leron shelton says:

Texans are ok but they not a super bowl team

leron shelton says:

It will be packers vs broncos…

Darren Myles says:

Frm eastside Buffalo so I gotta support the bills but, Texans are winning the superbowl

michael palma says:

texans will not even make the afc championship game

Christian Magana says:

Your stupid

Jordan Beck says:

Thank you for putting the chargers ahead of the chiefs everyone thinks they will do better with Alex Smith truth is he sucked before harbaugh and people think Andy Reid can keep him good each right

Andrew Steinbecker says:

finally someone understands which teams are playoff contenders good job Lois Ptack

Jose Ayon says:

I assure you he’s not what is keeping the broncos from wining the superbowl. He’s making the broncos a better team defensively & offensively. And the texans are worse than the broncos when it comes to choking. They’re a hell of a better team than the texans.

xMrRedx4 says:

Peyton Manning is one of the best qbs of alltime but when he gets to the playoffs he chokes. I honestly think the broncos wont win a super bwl with manning at qb

xMrRedx4 says:

Defense sucks and Jackson is a terrible rb. Theyll win their division but crumble in the playoffs like they do every year.

ryan ditmanson says:

Texans suck

Anonymous01231 says:

Lmao obviously this is a TEXANS fan lol…Texans aren’t going that far

dirtybirds2323 says:

falcons r smashing this yr!!!

Chris liberto says:

Yeah BAby !

Jose Ayon says:

hahahaha! come on man broncos were all ready predicted to WIN the Super Bowl, you think they’d lose in the divisional round again? You must be a texans fan!

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